Lotus is the country wide flower of India and with a desirable cause. The splendor of the flower is enough to inspire bards and minstrels to put in writing songs. Nutritionally Talking, the flower has a lot to provide. From its seeds to its stem and even the tubers (each younger and mature) are consumed in numerous parts of the sector, extra prominently in China, Southeast Asia, and India. From salads to soups to even crispy snacks, safe to eat parts of the lotus are eaten up in several approaches. Lotus root is one of the most typically ate up elements of the flower and it is said to have a wealthy nutritional profile. Also called kamal kaki or bhain in Hindi, lotus root is cooked in curries, soups, snacks, and salads. It can be deep-fried, stir-fried or in reality boiled and consumed for a filling meal.
Lotus Root Nutrition Facts And Benefits
Kamal kaki is said to be rich in dietary fiber (3 grams in keeping with 100-gram element, as in line with records by means of United States Department of Agriculture) and complex carbohydrates, as well as potassium, iron and a number of important vitamins. The food is cooked basically like a vegetable and used in savory preparations. It is stated to boost digestion and regulate blood strain stages. Lotus root is also stated to prevent water retention and promote weight reduction by means of curbing starvation pangs. The presence of nutrients B and C in lotus root can also assist stimulate collagen manufacturing in the pores and skin and scalp, boosting the health of the skin and hair. There are numerous thrilling ways of adding lotus root to your food regimen. You can prepare dinner in lots of one of a kind ways and with the use of a diffusion of cooking strategies and substances, which makes the food pretty a flexible element.

Lotus root or kamal kaki is wealthy in a number of vitamins

Lotus Root Salad Recipes- Here are two recipes of salads made from lotus root or kamal kaki:

1. Methi And Lotus Root Salad Recipe

Methi or fenugreek is a vegetable that is replete with health blessings, similar to lotus roots. While the former is rich in a rainbow of vitamins and coffee in energy, the latter is rich in satiating and energizing carbohydrates. The lotus root is deep-fried on this recipe, but you can prefer to bake them like vegetable chips and use them within the salad.

2. Mixed Lotus Root Salad Recipe

This recipe is a very precise one. It entails soaking lotus root and pumpkin in vinegar to soften them. The soaked and softened greens are then tossed with an assortment of cabbage and lettuce leaves and fruits like pomelo and pomegranate.

Lotus root is a nutritional powerhouse and you may definitely munch at the crunchy, boiled root as a mid-meal snack to tide over those excessive starvation pangs.
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